DevelopingEM Faculty 2015

GDay DevelopingEMers

Well we’ve told you a little about some of the components of our program headed by an amazing dynamic group of program leads.

Now for our amazing faculty.

Over the last three years we have had some incredible presenters and this year is no exception.

We have a number of presenters rejoining us including Marianne Gausche-Hill, Kim Cartwright, John MacKenzie, Peter Viccellio, Marianne Gausche, Billy Mallon, Mike Abernethy, Mary Langcake, Khaled Menapal, Colin Banks, Suzanne Beno, David Wallace, and Jon Kerr.

We even have the current IFEM President Jim Holliman joining us again.

As if that group isn’t enough we’ve also managed to include some big new names including Scott Weingart, Stuart Swadron, Tom Solano, Anand Kumar and Sahar Ahmad.

I didn’t think we could beat our group in Brazil but maybe we have.

Come to Havana and get some incredible education from this amazing group at DevelopingEM 2015.

Check out the full list of presenters here and their bios here.


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