Andrew Bezzina -Practice Changing Medical Articles

Posted by Mike Abernethy, Emergency and Flight Physician from Wisconsin

For my first medical blog post on DevelopingEM’s brand new website Id like to introduce one of the amazing presentations from DevelopingEM 2013 Havana; Practice Changing Medical Articles by Dr Andrew Bezzina.

Andrew is a Senior Staff Specialist in Emergency Medicine and a Clinical Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Medicine, University of Wollongong in NSW, Australia. He has a significant background in education especially in rural and remote settings. Andrew has particular interests in Decision making in Emergency Medicine, Advance Care Directives in the Emergency Department and Emergency Department systems.

Andrew presented the second lecture on day one in Havana.  He examined the current medical literature on four distinct issues frequently encountered in emergency medicine and/or critical care practice.

1.     Transfusion thresholds  – when should we consider transfusions for our anemic patients?

2.     The role of LP in the diagnosis of patients presenting with severe headache who have a negative CT.

3.     Utility of vaginal exam in 1st trimester bleeding in patients with a normal ultrasound.  Does it add any significant information to the diagnosis?

4.     Treatment of recent onset atrial fib/flutter. Who do we shock? Who do we block. What happens to the patients we send home?

Please enjoy Andrew’s presentation.


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