DevelopingEM 2015 Cuba

Our annual conference in 2015 will be held in Havana, Cuba between September 13th and 17th. An accompanying ultrasound (Podcast) workshop is also planned. Ultrasound Workshop will be held all day Sunday 13th September and 14th Monday afternoon 2015. Register…



Once again DevelopingEM will have accreditation with the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM). We also have endorsement of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and the support of the Australasian Society for Emergency Medicine (ASEM) and the International…

About Developing EM

DevelopingEM is a new direction in medical education, combining cutting edge training in critical care medicine, with a focus on providing a meaningful contribution to medical professionals in developing regions through an inclusive and philanthropic approach. DevelopingEM is a not for…

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DevelopingEM welcomes Scott Weingart to the team

Yes you heard correctly Weingart is joining you in Havana this year for DEM2015. Scott will be speaking with us about Peri-Intubation management and we’re very excited about having him amongst our amazing faculty. If you haven’t seen or heard…

DEM 2016 planned for South East Asia.

In a little over 3 months DEM heads back to Havana and we’re very excited with the program we’ve created and with the amazing faculty that are helping us this year. We’re also looking forward to 2016 with plans to…

DEM 2015 accredited by ACEM and endorsed by ACEP

Over the years DevelopingEM has had the support and endorsement of a number of academic organizations from around the globe. Once again this year DevelopingEM will have accreditation for CPD /CME/MOPS with the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM). We…


Presenter Profile – John Mackenzie

If you need instruction on how to enjoy a conference just hang around with Dr MacKenzie. John’s exuberance for all aspects of life extends fully into his educational style.

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Joe Lex (1)

Presenter Profile – Joe Lex

Joe Lex joined us in Havana and was critical to the success of DevelopingEM 2013. He also spread our presenters’ lectures far and wide through his website Free Emergency Talks to introduce the wider audience to the DevelopingEM concept.

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Presenter Profile – Mary McCaskill

Mary McCaskill joins us from Sydney Australia where she is the Director of the Emergency Department at The Children’s Hospital.

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