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Our annual conference in 2015 will be held in Havana, Cuba between September 13th and 17th. An accompanying ultrasound (Podcast) workshop is also planned. Ultrasound Workshop will be held all day Sunday 13th September and the afternoons of Monday 14th…



Once again DevelopingEM will have accreditation with two Australasian colleges, the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) and the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM). We also have the support of the Australasian Society for Emergency Medicine (ASEM)…

About Developing EM

DevelopingEM is a new direction in medical education, combining cutting edge training in critical care medicine, with a focus on providing a meaningful contribution to medical professionals in developing regions through an inclusive and philanthropic approach. DevelopingEM is a not for…

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Our Return to Cuba!

Well 2015 is definitely looking like another exciting year for DevelopingEM. As you know we’re heading back to Havana, Cuba in an amazing time in that nations’ history. With our expanding multinational faculty determined to continue to provide outstanding education,…

Havana, Cuba – yes we can!

DevelopingEM is a community aimed at promoting emergency medicine and critical care development world wide. We function solely through the support of our multinational faculty and delegate group. Word of mouth remains the most powerful tool we have for promoting…


GDay DevelopingEMers!! Well after a deserved break we are back, and we are returning to Havana, Cuba for our conference in 2015. After such an amazing time in 2013, and also after many requests, we have decided to return to…


Presenter Profile – John Mackenzie

If you need instruction on how to enjoy a conference just hang around with Dr MacKenzie. John’s exuberance for all aspects of life extends fully into his educational style.

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Joe Lex (1)

Presenter Profile – Joe Lex

Joe Lex joined us in Havana and was critical to the success of DevelopingEM 2013. He also spread our presenters’ lectures far and wide through his website Free Emergency Talks to introduce the wider audience to the DevelopingEM concept.

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Presenter Profile – Mary McCaskill

Mary McCaskill joins us from Sydney Australia where she is the Director of the Emergency Department at The Children’s Hospital.

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