ACEM Conference to follow DEM

This year we are honoured to be partnering with the IFEM recognised Asociacion Colombiana de Especialista Emergencia y Urgencias (ACEM).

ACEM will be conducting their annual Scientific Congress sequentially with #DevEM2020 on March 13-14 with preconference workshops on March 12.


Check out their conference website here.

We hope both events will be a focus for Colombian, Caribbean, South American and international discussion and collaboration between emergency clinicians from around the world.

DevelopingEM will be sponsoring the attendance of 40 Colombian clinicians per day to #DevEM2020 as well as attendances at the five workshops and one forum currently planned.

We are also assisting the attendance of clinicians from around the region.

Colombian speakers will be part of the DEM faculty in our EM in Colombia Track and we hope to provide the same support for the ACEM Congress.

So after #DevEM2020 stick around for another amazing regional congress with our Colombian colleagues from ACEM.

Come for DEM and stay for ACEM!!

Full #DevEM2020 Program Released!!

DevelopingEM 2020 Colombia has an academic program that is one of our best ever.

Along with our core topics of

  • Trauma
  • Paediatrics


  • Adult EM and Critical Care

we have afternoon tracks dedicated to

  • EM in Colombia
  • EM in the Region


  • Global EM

This year we have another amazing generous faculty with some international giants of EM including

  • Jan Shoenberger

  • Peter Cameron

  • Marianne Gausche-Hill

  • Billy Mallon

  • Nat Thurtle

  • Nate Kupperman


  • Stuart Swadron

Check out the full schedule and evolving faculty bios and join us in Cartagena, Colombia in March 2020 for DevelopingEM 2020.


Register Now to get your Early Bird Specials for #DevEM2020 Colombia

Our second stage early bird registration expires in 12 days!!!

We have received a tremendous response to the announcement of #DevEM2020 in Cartagena, Colombia.
launch, and are looking forward to an exceptional DevelopingEM experience this coming March.

To register, please follow the link to our live registration portal.


We thank you for your interest and support,
Mark, Lee and Sanj

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We hope you can join us in 2020, to enjoy the outstanding DevelopingEM experience with colleagues from Colombia, The Caribbean and from around the globe.

Research Workshop for #DevEM2020

This year there’s a new addition to the program, something we’ve not done before, a Research Workshop explaining where and how to start with critical care research projects.

Led by David Wallace from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, this afternoon workshop on March 7, 2020, will feature presentations and interactive sessions on a range of research topics.

There will be an emphasis on practical aspects of conducting and disseminating high quality research, including topics such as successful collaboration, publication, social media use, and obtaining funding.

Participating faculty include emergency medicine and critical care researchers with clinical, epidemiology, big data and health services research backgrounds.

The faculty are principal investigators with research funded by the National Institutes of Health, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, American Heart Association, and Laerdal Foundation, and have experience conducting multisite international projects.

Participating faculty members have published in high impact journals, including the New England Journal of MedicineJournal of the American Medical AssociationAnnals of Emergency MedicineProceedings of the National Academy of SciencesBritish Medical JournalShockResuscitation, and Critical Care Medicine.

So if you want to fine tune your departments’ research profile sign up for this workshop at #DevEM2020 now.


Medutopia Workshop for DevelopingEM 2020 Colombia

This year Rob Rogers and the Medutopia team join DevelopingEM for a cutting edge medical education workshop.

Medutopia produces and develops solutions to strengthen the skills of medical educators around the world.

As a creative think tank, they have built a team with the experience and expertise to nurture highly effective learning choreographers.

They have a suite of educational platforms and bring their 2 day course to Cartagena.

This interactive, innovative, and highly useful course is aimed at medical educators who want to “reach their utopia” in medical education and their full potential as effective choreographers of learning.

Topics Include

This is a new partnership for DevelopingEM but an established course and workshop for Medutopia who have undertaken courses around the US and the Globe.

Rob Rogers (the Founder and Chief Imagination Officer (CIO)) of Medutopia approached us with the concept of bringing these courses to Cartagena for #DevEM2020 and we jumped at the chance to partner with him and his team.

Trained in Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine, Rob Rogers currently practices Emergency Medicine at the University of Kentucky’s Chandler Hospital in the Department of Emergency Medicine.

An innovative medical educator on the cutting edge of creativity, he shares his knowledge on the monthly medical education Medutopia Podcast.

Rob co-founded The Teaching Institute and in 2014 created The Teaching Course at The University of Maryland.

As a passionate medical education enthusiast, podcast evangelist, learning choreographer, and entrepreneur, Rob works tirelessly to change the world of medical education by reinventing it.

It is a great honour to have Rob and his team join us for #DevEM2020.

Register Now for Medutopia, a cutting edge medical education workshop.


NAEMSP International Medical Directors Overview Course in Cartagena for #DevEM2020

This workshop has seen some fascinating discussions between EMS clinicians and providers from around the globe over the last few years.

An analysis of different systems and their governance structures has been an illuminating process.

This interactive course focuses on EMS in the real world and serves to enhance physicians’ expertise in EMS issues.

Delegates will also get to interact with their colleagues from around the globe, around the region and from Colombia.

Its a remarkable opportunity to see how others have approached difficult problems in their EMS systems.

I love this workshop and will see you there!!

Register Now!!

Emergency Medicine in Colombia

Why is DevelopingEM going to Colombia?

Perhaps the main reason has been the persistent efforts of one Camilo Gutierrez to bring DevelopingEM to his home country, Colombia, since his involvement in our faculty back in 2013 in Havana.

Camilo is a Paediatric Emergency Physician currently working at Children’s National Medical Centre in Washington DC and he is literally involved in EVERYTHING to do with International Paediatric EM.


He’s presented for us 3 times now and for the last 6 years he’s been pushing Colombia, Colombia, COLOMBIA.

Check out his DevelopingEM Paeds EM presentations in Havana and Salvador.

We certainly are glad for his persistence because EM in Colombia at the moment is rapidly and enthusiastically developing and it is the perfect time for a DevelopingEM conference.

The first Colombian EM program commenced in 1996 and EM was recognised as a specialty in Colombia in 2005.

The recognised EM organisation in the country, the Asociacion Colombiana de Especialistas de Emergencias (ACEM) has also achieved full IFEM membership.

Across the country there are over 200 specialists and trainees in seven training programs transitioning the practice of emergency medicine from a GP and subspecialist based practice to a model recognisable in the North America and Australasia.

The scene is a perfect one for a DevelopingEM conference with an enthusiastic ACEM led by Fabian Andres Rosas agreeing to partner with DevelopingEM for sequential collaborative conferences in March 2020.

We will be forever grateful for the enthusiasm of both Camilo and Fabian in getting us this far.

The rapid development of EM in Colombia is beautifully described in two articles outlining the state of play with EM and EM training in the country.

Link to article

Link to Article

Amongst the authors of these articles are Camilo himself along with some of the luminaries in Colombian emergency medicine who have been critical to getting #DevEM2020 up and running including

Christian Arbalaez

Andres Patino


Luis Vargas

After you register for #DevEM2020 have a read of these articles and get a feel for what your Colombian colleagues have achieved in such a short space of time.

As always an EM in Colombia track during the conference will update and further expand on the successes and challenges that the specialty has had over the last 2 decades.

Thank you Camilo, Fabian, Christian, Andres and Luis for your support, advice and assistance in bringing us DevelopingEM 2020 Colombia (Mar 7-11, 2020), and the 4th ACEM International Emergency Medicine Congress (March 12-14, 2020).

We hope both events will be a focus for Colombian, Caribbean, South American and international discussion and collaboration between emergency clinicians from around the world.

Register Now for one of the most anticipated educational events of 2020!!


Another Amazing Program for #DevEM2020

The program for #DevEM2020 Colombia is shaping up as one of our best ever with experts from around the globe coming to Cartagena to educate you.

Matt and Mike return for the 6th time with their Ultrasound Podcast 2 day workshop. Its based on their famous Castlefest workshop. This one will fill up quickly so sign up soon.

The NAEMSP team bring a Spanish speaking team to deliver their International Medical Directors Overview Course. Ive attended their last 3 workshops and the round table discussions on the challenges of prehospital management are fascinating.

Rob Rogers and the Medutopia team bring their 2 day Medical Education workshop to DEM for the first time. Learn everything from how to deliver a great presentation all the way through to the latest innovations in medical education. We’re excited to be collaborating with Rob and his experienced team with what is renowned as a fantastic workshop.

Our core plenary topics will once again return with Peter Cameron leading Trauma with his team from Alfred health, April Kam returns with her Toronto Paeds crew, and Brian Wright leads the Adult EM session.

A Colombian team will present what is happening to the specialty of EM in their country and as in previous years this is sure to be a fascinating journey.

The wonderful Nat Thurtle also returns with tracks dedicated to Regional and International Emergency Medicine. Hear from inspirational global colleagues about how they have managed development issues often in extremely challenging environments. These are sessions that routinely inspire us all.

Following up from a successful regional forum in Fiji we will be repeating the effort in Cartagena with an invite-only session of EM leaders from the region. We hope that this will be an opportunity for colleagues to collaborate in the development of the specialty regionally.

All this along with two amazing social functions in beautiful Cartagena de Indias.

Our colleagues at ACEM then hold their own annual scientific assembly immediately following DEM and you are all welcome. More details on what will be a huge event soon!

Have the best week of your educational year with us and ACEM in Colombia.

Register Now!!!