The team from NAEMSP returns with another EMS Medical Direction workshop


This workshop has seen some fascinating discussions between EMS clinicians and providers from around the globe over the last few years.

An analysis of different systems and their governance structures has been an illuminating process.

This interactive course focuses on EMS in the real world and serves to enhance physicians’ expertise in EMS issues.

Participants will receive a foundation upon which to function effectively as an EMS medical director, receive specific management tools that may be of use in their local EMS system, initiate dialogue with other EMS physicians to allow future networking, and develop an understanding of how EMS functions within the broader emergency care system.

There are still places in this workshop so register NOW before its booked out.

Global and Regional EM Tracks- the Core of #DevEM2018

Hearing the experiences of colleagues from around the globe has been one of the key features of DevelopingEM since our first conference in Sydney in 2012.

Over the years we have had incredible presentations on wide ranging topics including

  • Lead Poisoning in Nigeria
  • The health effects of the US Embargo of Cuba
  • The work of Cuban Health Brigades around the globe
  • The effects of climate change on human health
  • MSF experiences around the globe
  • The effects of conflict and war on the provision of medical care

as well as presentations on the progression of EM from the four corners of the globe.

Experiences from the following countries have been part of our Global Sessions over previous conferences

  • Afghanistan
  • Bahamas
  • Barbados
  • Bolivia
  • Botswana
  • Brazil
  • Cambodia
  • Chile
  • Costa Rica
  • Cuba
  • Fiji
  • Guatemala
  • Haiti
  • India
  • Jamaica
  • Laos
  • Mexico
  • Myanmar
  • Nepal
  • Nicaragua
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Sri Lanka
  • St Lucia

You can seen many of these previous presentations here on our website.

This year sees another fantastic series of Global EM tracks.

Dr Shivani Shailin, a Fijian emergency clinician, leads the EM in Fiji track and has organised a fascinating Fijian session with discussions ranging from EMS development, to disaster response, to emergency nursing development and EM education.

Shivani (with Georgina Phillips and Anne Creaton) recently received the ACEM Mika Ah Kuoi award for excellence on completion of the Masters of Emergency Medicine Fiji and we are very grateful for her efforts in putting together an amazing track.

Natalie Thurtle returns to lead and coordinate not only a Regional EM track, where we will hear the experiences of colleagues from around the diverse and wonderful Pacific, but also a second session- Global EM: Innovation in Emergency Medicine. This fascinating session will examine the lessons learnt from the application of emergency systems globally, often in the most challenging of environments.

Nat has been an integral part of the DevelopingEM team since our first conference in 2012 and we will be eternally grateful for her involvement and friendship.

These sessions are amongst our most popular for a reason- they’re awesome!!

Join us in Fiji and get involved in the discussion.

A fantastic Paediatric Track for #DevEM2018 Fiji

Our good friend April Kam from Canada brings together an amazing group of experts for a top-notch Paediatric track.

April returns for her third DevelopingEM and she has organised a group of old and new faces.

Mary Langcake, Tanya Solano, Donovan Dwyer, and Suzanne Beno return to the team having helped DevelopingEM hugely in the past and we are so grateful for their ongoing support.

Tania Principi and Ben Shepherd join us from the first time. Tania is one of April’s colleagues from Toronto and Ben is a local from our own base hospital in Wollongong- yes it’s a real place.

Together this team cover the entire range of Paediatric Emergency Medicine and Critical Care- its going to be an awesome way to kick off the conference.

Get a taste of what’s in store by checking April’s last program from DEM Sri Lanka in 2016.

Peter Cameron and Gerard O’Reilly return with an awesome Trauma track

Peter and Gerard have joined our Medical Organising Committee and return with an amazing Trauma track for #DevEM2018 Fiji.

They and a multinational group of presenters are covering topics that span the breadth of trauma management.

Get a taste of how good this session is going to be- check the trauma track from last years’ conference in Sri Lanka.

Peter and Gerard have been unbelievably generous with their precious time and we remain so grateful for their advice as we continue to attempt to take DevelopingEM to the next level.

Join the next level with us in Fiji.

Register Now!!

An Expanded Nursing Workshop for #DevEM2018 Fiji

Professor Kate Curtis and her team return to DevelopingEM with an expanded Nursing workshop for local delegates.

This year your donations and registrations are helping DevelopingEM to host a full day Nursing Workshop exclusively for Fijian and regional delegates.

The first half of the day focusses on the HIRAID emergency nursing assessment framework with the afternoon having a more practical skill based format.

Thank you for helping us host this amazing workshop.

Palliative Care in the ED with Jon Kerr

Jon returns to DevelopingEM as part of Brian Wright’s Adult EM and Critical Care Team.

This is Jon’s fourth DevelopingEM and we remain enormously grateful for his expertise and support over the last 5 years.

Palliative Care may seem out of place in a critical care track but it remains an important part of the process of initial and ongoing care for many of our increasingly complicated patients.

Its an area that Jon is particularly passionate about and we look forward to another interesting and enlightening discussion.

Check his presentation from 2016 here

When Jon isnt presenting he will no doubt be 20 metres under the ocean surface checking out Fiji’s coral and fish life.

If you want to join him or need ideas about the scuba options in Fiji just let us know.

One option we can highly recommend is Manta Ray Island

Even though it is the wrong season to see the Mantas it remains a spectacular place to snorkel and scuba and the seaplane ride there is pretty cool as well

Nick Taylor with more cardiology gems at DevelopingEM 2018 Fiji

The winner of the all-around dude award in Colombo, Nick Taylor, returns to DevelopingEM.

He’s dragging himself away from our nations’ capital Canberra to give us all the years’ best cardiology update.

Nick is a self confessed ECG nerd and even if you think you know some heart stuff he will show that there’s even more to learn.

Check out his awesome presentation from 2016 to see what’s in store.

See you in December!!

Presentation Slides

Presentation Video

David Wallace returns as part of our Adult EM and Critical Care track

David returns from Pittsburgh as part of Brian Wright’s Adult EM and Critical Care track.

David has helped us out over the last few years and its great to have him back again.

His presentations definitely meet the brief of aiming information at the senior clinician and giving them something they can take back to their next shift.

Check out his presentation in Colombo.

Presentation Slides

Presentation Video