Video Testimonials from our friends at SBU

The team at Stonybrook Medicine in Long Island, New York have been collaborating with us for several years now and we are enormously grateful for their support.

This year the Adult EM and Critical Care track will be hosted by Brian Wright from SBU and in fact Brian has organised this track for us in Brazil, Cuba, Sri Lanka and Fiji and it is always of the highest quality.

Rolando Valenzuela, the Fellowship Director for the Stony Brook Division of International Emergency Medicine, has been critical to us being able to organise the Colombian event. He has joined us on site during the planning trips and has been influential in sourcing this years’ regional delegates.

Rolando and his team, particularly Priscilla Cruz Menoyo (current International IEM Fellow)

and Justin Larsson (current EM Trainee)

under the guidance of Peter Viccellio (Head of Department)

and Billy Mallon (Chief of the Division of IEM)

have also been helping us promote the conference to a North American audience at this years’ ACEP conference and progressing slowly and steadily to an SBU sponsored North American accreditation for the conference (more on this soon).

We feel very privileged to have the support and friendship of an amazing group of emergency medicine, critical care and IEM experts from Stonybrook and are thankful for their help and the following testimonials.

Thanks one and all and see you in CARTAGENA!!

Another Amazing Paediatric EM Track

April has done it again- amassed a Paediatric faculty of such amazing quality that you are going to kick yourself if you miss this track.

As previously mantioned April Kam is Canadian and by default the loveliest track lead of all time- sorry Nat, Brian, Peter, Gerard, Rolly and Eliecer you’re all awesome but you’re just not Canadian enough.

Not only is she Canadian but she’s also an expert clinician and educator and has organised our Paediatric track for the last three DevelopingEM conferences

We’re all looking forward to another fantastic paediatric track. Thank you April (and team)!

April brings together an amazing team from multiple specialties and countries covering critical care topics across the whole spectrum of emergent management of paediatric patients.




Included in the track are

  • Suzanne Beno the co-director of paeds trauma at Sick Kids in Toronto

  • Nate Kupperman from UC Davis

  • Marianne Gausche Hill from LA
  • Viviana Pavlicich from Paraguay
  • Ricardo Munoz andCamilo Gutierrez from Kids National in DC






and the two fastest speaking Paediatric Emergency Physician presenter  on the planet

  • Tanya Solano from Sick Kids Toronto and Donovan Dwyer from Sydney Children’





April’s track is just un-missable and yet another reason to register now for DevelopingEM 2020 Colombia!!


Trauma Track Kicks off DevelopingEM 2020 Colombia

This year the DevelopingEM conference commences with our Trauma track.

The track is once again led by Professor Peter Cameron.

Peter is the academic director of the Alfred Emergency and Trauma Centre in Melbourne, Australia’s busiest adult major trauma centre.

He has very generously helped DevelopingEM since our beginnings back in 2012 and we are so grateful for his ongoing assistance and expertise.

Peter has organised a group of international trauma experts who will be presenting on the patient journey all the way from the prehospital setting to the ICU.

Included in the faculty are

  • Neil Ballard from NSW Ambulance / Greater Sydney Area HEMS

  • Biswadev Mitra and Gerard OReilly from the Alfred

  • Marvin Wayne from Whatcom County in Washington State


  • Billy Mallon recently of Stonybrook Medicine in New York

What a great way to start DevelopingEM 2020.

Join us in March in Cartagena to be a part of another amazing trauma session.


Meet our Track Leads for DevelopingEM 2020 Colombia

Following the release of our complete program last week we would like to re-introduce our track leads.

We’re lucky to have our all our leads from 2018 returning to lead the core components of DevelopingEM.

We also have some new additions with a regional flavour.

April (Paediatrics), Nat (Global EM), Brian (Adult EM), and Peter and Gerard (Trauma) all return after helping us out in Sri Lanka and Fiji.

Joining this team is Rolando (Regional EM) and Eliecer (EM in Colombia).

Its impossible to summarise just how qualified this group is to provide you with quality education but Ill give it a try.

April Kam returns to lead an amazing Paediatric team. She’s a Paediatric Emergency Physician, a professor, an award winning educationalist and a champion of global emergency development. She Canadian and by default the loveliest track lead of all time- sorry Nat, Brian, Peter, Gerard, Rolly and Eliecer you’re all awesome but you’re just not Canadian enough. April brings together an amazing team from multiple specialties and countries covering critical care topics across the whole spectrum of emergent management of paediatric patients. We’re all looking forward to another fantastic paediatric track. Thank you April (and team)!

Nat Thurtle. What can I say to summarise just how amazing this EM leader is? An awesome presenter (she’s been with us since the beginning in 2012), and awesome track lead (she’s been leading our Global EM day since 2014). This year she’s organised a fascinating Global EM session which will stretch our exposure from human trafficking to anthropology. We’re not sure if Nia will be joining her mother this year- we sure hope so.

Returning also is the New Yorker from Stonybrook, Brian Wright. The only complaint we’ve had about Brian’s EM and Critical Care sessions in the past is that there is simply too much information. With a team of experts that have joined us for our conferences since 2013 this session is packed full of the best clinical emergency medicine and critical care education you will get this year. Brian is a clinicians’ clinician, an expert but never arrogant, hard working and supremely focussed on his patients. One would be hard pressed to find a critical care topic that Brian isn’t an expert on, and after Sri Lanka 2016 he also knows how many Americans can fit into a tuk tuk. Thanks again Brian for another awesome session.

Its impossible to know where to start in a description of our trauma track leads Peter Cameron and Gerard O’Reilly. They have been leaders in Australasian and International EM for decades and we remain humbled that they have joined the organising committee of DevelopingEM and continue to design the trauma track. This year they have brought together an amazing group of experts to give you a fantastic session of trauma education. Thank you Peter and Gerard for your advice and counsel and for putting together an amazing trauma track.







Rolando Valenzuela (Rolly to his mates) has been with us as an enthusiastic delegate and faculty member since 2013. He’s an emergency physician, and international fellowship program director from Stonybrook in New York but his itchy feet take him around the globe on a regular basis. This year he’s bringing together clinicians from across the Caribbean and South America to discuss their experiences in the development of our specialty, emergency medicine in the region. These sessions are always fascinating and Rolly has curated some amazing topics into this track.

Last but definitely not least is Eliecer Cohen. Eliecer is the first Emergency Physician graduated in Bogotá, Colombia, from the only 4 year based program in the country. From the outset he has been idealistic, focussed on the future, and has been one of the core leaders in the development of the Asociación Colombiana de Especialistas en medicina de Urgencias y Emergencias (ACEM) from the time of its foundation. Eliecer is recognized as a critical thinker in the development of EM and is also an international speaker on the themes of quality, ethics, the difficult patient, the impaired clinician, emergency medicine values, professionalism in education, the development of non clinical skills, and the role of the EP as a patient advocate. He is a founding member of ACEM Colombia and a previous secretary of the college. He remains the editor of the college journal. Eliecer has been an enthusiastic supporter of the DevelopingEM ACEM partnership since the first meeting in June 2018 and is a member of the ACEM 2020 Congress organising committee. He is leading a group of experienced and enthusiastic clinicians from our host country Colombia. Together they are going to describe the development and progression of EM in Colombia. Emergency Medicine has developed so quickly and successfully in Colombia that Im sure we will all learn some valuable pointers on how to progress our specialty in any setting.

All in all its an incredible group of EM leaders curating a fantastic program

Join April, Nat, Brian, Peter, Gerard, Rolly and Eliecer for a fantastic 3 days of excellence.

Check out the full bios of all our track leads and presenters here.

ACEM Conference to follow DEM

This year we are honoured to be partnering with the IFEM recognised Asociacion Colombiana de Especialista Emergencia y Urgencias (ACEM).

ACEM will be conducting their annual Scientific Congress sequentially with #DevEM2020 on March 13-14 with preconference workshops on March 12.


Check out their conference website here.

We hope both events will be a focus for Colombian, Caribbean, South American and international discussion and collaboration between emergency clinicians from around the world.

DevelopingEM will be sponsoring the attendance of 40 Colombian clinicians per day to #DevEM2020 as well as attendances at the five workshops and one forum currently planned.

We are also assisting the attendance of clinicians from around the region.

Colombian speakers will be part of the DEM faculty in our EM in Colombia Track and we hope to provide the same support for the ACEM Congress.

So after #DevEM2020 stick around for another amazing regional congress with our Colombian colleagues from ACEM.

Come for DEM and stay for ACEM!!

Full #DevEM2020 Program Released!!

DevelopingEM 2020 Colombia has an academic program that is one of our best ever.

Along with our core topics of

  • Trauma
  • Paediatrics


  • Adult EM and Critical Care

we have afternoon tracks dedicated to

  • EM in Colombia
  • EM in the Region


  • Global EM

This year we have another amazing generous faculty with some international giants of EM including

  • Jan Shoenberger

  • Peter Cameron

  • Marianne Gausche-Hill

  • Billy Mallon

  • Nat Thurtle

  • Nate Kupperman


  • Stuart Swadron

Check out the full schedule and evolving faculty bios and join us in Cartagena, Colombia in March 2020 for DevelopingEM 2020.


Register Now to get your Early Bird Specials for #DevEM2020 Colombia

Our second stage early bird registration expires in 12 days!!!

We have received a tremendous response to the announcement of #DevEM2020 in Cartagena, Colombia.
launch, and are looking forward to an exceptional DevelopingEM experience this coming March.

To register, please follow the link to our live registration portal.


We thank you for your interest and support,
Mark, Lee and Sanj

Please follow event developments on Facebook

Also follow our progress on Twitter.

We hope you can join us in 2020, to enjoy the outstanding DevelopingEM experience with colleagues from Colombia, The Caribbean and from around the globe.

Research Workshop for #DevEM2020

This year there’s a new addition to the program, something we’ve not done before, a Research Workshop explaining where and how to start with critical care research projects.

Led by David Wallace from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, this afternoon workshop on March 7, 2020, will feature presentations and interactive sessions on a range of research topics.

There will be an emphasis on practical aspects of conducting and disseminating high quality research, including topics such as successful collaboration, publication, social media use, and obtaining funding.

Participating faculty include emergency medicine and critical care researchers with clinical, epidemiology, big data and health services research backgrounds.

The faculty are principal investigators with research funded by the National Institutes of Health, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, American Heart Association, and Laerdal Foundation, and have experience conducting multisite international projects.

Participating faculty members have published in high impact journals, including the New England Journal of MedicineJournal of the American Medical AssociationAnnals of Emergency MedicineProceedings of the National Academy of SciencesBritish Medical JournalShockResuscitation, and Critical Care Medicine.

So if you want to fine tune your departments’ research profile sign up for this workshop at #DevEM2020 now.


Medutopia Workshop for DevelopingEM 2020 Colombia

This year Rob Rogers and the Medutopia team join DevelopingEM for a cutting edge medical education workshop.

Medutopia produces and develops solutions to strengthen the skills of medical educators around the world.

As a creative think tank, they have built a team with the experience and expertise to nurture highly effective learning choreographers.

They have a suite of educational platforms and bring their 2 day course to Cartagena.

This interactive, innovative, and highly useful course is aimed at medical educators who want to “reach their utopia” in medical education and their full potential as effective choreographers of learning.

Topics Include

This is a new partnership for DevelopingEM but an established course and workshop for Medutopia who have undertaken courses around the US and the Globe.

Rob Rogers (the Founder and Chief Imagination Officer (CIO)) of Medutopia approached us with the concept of bringing these courses to Cartagena for #DevEM2020 and we jumped at the chance to partner with him and his team.

Trained in Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine, Rob Rogers currently practices Emergency Medicine at the University of Kentucky’s Chandler Hospital in the Department of Emergency Medicine.

An innovative medical educator on the cutting edge of creativity, he shares his knowledge on the monthly medical education Medutopia Podcast.

Rob co-founded The Teaching Institute and in 2014 created The Teaching Course at The University of Maryland.

As a passionate medical education enthusiast, podcast evangelist, learning choreographer, and entrepreneur, Rob works tirelessly to change the world of medical education by reinventing it.

It is a great honour to have Rob and his team join us for #DevEM2020.

Register Now for Medutopia, a cutting edge medical education workshop.