Emergency Medicine in Colombia

Why is DevelopingEM going to Colombia? Perhaps the main reason has been the persistent efforts of one Camilo Gutierrez to bring DevelopingEM to his home country, Colombia, since his involvement in our faculty back in 2013 in Havana. Camilo is a Paediatric Emergency Physician currently working at Children’s National Medical Centre in Washington DC andContinue reading “Emergency Medicine in Colombia”

Another Amazing Program for #DevEM2020

The program for #DevEM2020 Colombia is shaping up as one of our best ever with experts from around the globe coming to Cartagena to educate you. Matt and Mike return for the 6th time with their Ultrasound Podcast 2 day workshop. Its based on their famous Castlefest workshop. This one will fill up quickly soContinue reading “Another Amazing Program for #DevEM2020”

The Centro de Convenciones Cartagena de Indias

In June 2018 Camilo, Rolly and I made a trip to Cartagena and were amazed by the city. A near completely restored 500 year old colonial walled city, next to a Miami-esque modern tourist town. Right at the heart of it all is the beautiful Convention Centre, situated on the water of the port, withinContinue reading “The Centro de Convenciones Cartagena de Indias”

Photographer Rory O’Bryen helps out DevelopingEM

The internet is an amazing place. So many generous people out there. This year we connected with an amazing photographer with an interest in Colombia. His name is Rory O’Bryen and his photos are amazing. We connected on Flickr and amazingly he allowed us to use some photos for our upcoming conference in Colombia. Thanks Rory. CheckContinue reading “Photographer Rory O’Bryen helps out DevelopingEM”

Enjoy Early Bird Specials for #DevEM2020 and know that your contribution supports local delegates

If you get in now you can make the most of our Early Bird Registration Specials. Early Bird Round One saves you $300 USD as a full delegate and you have until the end of April 2019 to take advantage of this cost saving. Early Bird Round Two saves you $200 USD and expires atContinue reading “Enjoy Early Bird Specials for #DevEM2020 and know that your contribution supports local delegates”

iSimulate comes to the party AGAIN!!

In 2006 I met an enthusiastic Welsh anaesthetist, Anthony Lewis, whilst working together in an aeromedical retrieval job in Sydney. 13 years later I continue to work with Ant but in quite a different collaboration. In 2011 whilst Lee and myself were just thinking about DevelopingEM, Ant and his team were well on the wayContinue reading “iSimulate comes to the party AGAIN!!”

The wonderful connected world of DevelopingEM

On the eve of the release of a registration ready website for #DevEM2020 Colombia we look at the interconnected beauty that is DevelopingEM. This mind map is trying to demonstrate how DevelopingEM has connected people around the globe. By connecting individuals and organisations we have seen so many unexpected positive effects. These effects have beenContinue reading “The wonderful connected world of DevelopingEM”