Ben Wyler Talks COVID 19 with Mark

One of the best presentations at DEM2020 was delivered by Ben Wyler on COVID19. It not only was a spur of the moment addition to the program but also delivered on the day the Global Pandemic was declared. It was a sobering presentation and predicted much of what would happen in the last 2 months.Continue reading “Ben Wyler Talks COVID 19 with Mark”

Post Conference Surveys and Our Future

DevelopingEM 2020 Colombia was an amazing conference but held in truly historic times. The Pandemic was declared on the last day of the plenary sessions and our lives have changed forever. In this very different world we have wondered about the future of DevelopingEM and since the conclusion of the conference we have conducted two delegateContinue reading “Post Conference Surveys and Our Future”

Wrap up of DevelopingEM 2020 Colombia

DevelopingEM 2020 was held between March 7 and 11, 2020 at the Centro de Convenciones, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia The conference included the attendance of emergency practitioner delegates from 22 different countries. It was extremely well received with 65 local Colombian and 23 regional practitioners attending as well as nearly 150 other delegates from around theContinue reading “Wrap up of DevelopingEM 2020 Colombia”

Lee and Mark chat with CODA’s Oli Flower about #DevEM2020

In September, 2019, DevelopingEM Co-Directors, Lee Fineberg and Mark Newcombe were interviewed my SMACC/CODA legend Oli Flower about the upcoming DevelopingEM 2020 Conference in beautiful Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. A recording studio in CODA’s swanky new office space underneath the on ramp of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge was the setting for a discussion aboutContinue reading “Lee and Mark chat with CODA’s Oli Flower about #DevEM2020”

Get Prepped for #DevEM2020

Hi DevelopingEMers We know you’re coming to the best international EM conference of the year but are you fully prepped??? Here’s the essential steps: Registered online Make sure your passport is up to date Buy your travel insurance Complete your travel arrangements Join the Whatsapp Social Group Memorise the Hashtag and get Tweeting Count downContinue reading “Get Prepped for #DevEM2020”

Travel Recommendations from the DevelopingEM team

We know you have already requested your leave to attend DevelopingEM but now its time to think about Registering for the conference and workshops Booking those flights Getting your accommodation sorted Planning your travel Here are some tips and tricks from our our planning team who had the task of scoping out this amazing cityContinue reading “Travel Recommendations from the DevelopingEM team”

Global EM- an incredible conclusion to #DevEM2020

From Human Trafficking to Medicine in Immigration Facilities to Anthropology in EM this is sure to be a fantastic and thought provoking way to conclude DevelopingEM 2020. Nat Thurtle has once again brought together an incredible faculty to speak on these important issues. She has written the piece below further outlining the theme of theContinue reading “Global EM- an incredible conclusion to #DevEM2020”

More Video Testimonials from Previous Faculty

We have the best faculty in the world- motivated generous experts in their fields one and all. More have been nice enough to provide a little video testimonial on why they like DevelopingEM. So Cool. First we have Kass Thomas an ICU trainee from Australia. Kass spoke at our 2016 conference on her experiences asContinue reading “More Video Testimonials from Previous Faculty”

EMRAP Emergency Medicine Regional Development Forum at #DevEM2020

In 2018 in Fiji a unique forum was held. Representatives from 10 regional Pacific nations met, and in an open forum discussed some of the most pertinent issues facing critical care communities across the region. DevelopingEM simply provided the facilities with the discussion led by regional leaders and experts. The positive feedback received from regionalContinue reading “EMRAP Emergency Medicine Regional Development Forum at #DevEM2020”

Colombian and Regional Delegate Support Program for #DevEM2020

One of the core ideals of DevelopingEM is the supported attendance of local delegates. This support has taken different forms depending on the regional context of each conference. For DevelopingEM 2020 the situation in Colombia somewhat mirrored the EM developmental stage in Sri Lanka  in 2016 with an established and internationally recognised EM society- ACEMContinue reading “Colombian and Regional Delegate Support Program for #DevEM2020”